Forming Artists from 1991


At the beginning of 1991, Arte Real was born; created by Ricardo Ramírez, was an inspiration that arises after much continuous and prolonged effort of study and research, studies that began to verify the state of erroneously called "Contemporary Art" or "Modern Art", understood by him to art; conceptualist, VIP (Video, Installation, Performance) and neo-abstract; that both in Chile and in the world, has been transformed into the "OFFICIAL art"

According to Ramírez, this "official art" denies the painting itself and the entire experiential legacy, lacks the search for excellence, transcendence and depth that is necessary to achieve greatness, only the concept is concerned as an excuse and disguise to conceal its true commercial, industrial, panfletarian and easy-to-execute decorative purpose, all subject to ephemeral fashion, abandoning aesthetic reason and craft mastery, where the discourse or slogan (or political pamphlet) matters more than quality, talent , the technique of the medium of expression, generating objects that they call works that are not only an insult to the intelligence and artistic experience, but also an element of dissemination of idiocy

Faced with the imposition of those who control the means of artistic dissemination (galleries and museums, state funds, art faculties) and the same social pressure, it ended up being imposed, achieving a cultural artistic hegfemony and subjecting much of the population to its "no reason". Relativizing everything to such an extent that any ordinary and common thing is attributed the degree of art.

Ramírez reminds us that in the same way that: "when something belongs to everyone, it is the same as saying that it belongs to no one", it is that in art: "if everything is art, nothing is art". Official art is the result of thousands of artists who, faced with their inability to make quality art, chose to generate this new pseudo-art. An easy art, that fascinates for its idiocy.

After this observation, he observed that in the artistic medium of Santiago - Chile, there was no alternative place where an artist, with the intention of deepening his painting studies could find. And even less in the formal media, such as: Faculty of Art of the Universities of Chile and Catholic, can not find a different look to the official one. Even those few who, although part of the Official Party, and having the intention of something more in the art, were not instructed with the necessary knowledge for such an enterprise or the study curriculum of the universities prevented them from looking differently from the "official" one.
And it is for this reason, for this need to maintain an ethical and aesthetic value, is that technical knowledge is required (durability of the work, realization by one's own hand, etc.), is that Ramírez creates "Real Art". And Real Art in the sense of True Art, since in his opinion, what "official" art today calls Art, is false.

Our Programs

All our programs are taught by leading contemporary artists, who are in full force with active participation in global contemporary realism. All specialists in historical techniques of the great masters.

Painting Workshop

The best of the history for the Art of Today

After twenty years of research and development of the historical Techniques of the oil painting of the great European Masters; We offer you the most complete and accurate workshop with the best of the pictorial tradition for the creation of today's art. Contemporary art of quality, unalterable and lasting, with a natural aesthetic that aspires to beauty and seeks to deepen the look


Drawing Workshop

The Analytical Drawing, to learn to see

The Drawing is not only an art in itself, it is one of the three pillars that sustain the painting, besides an essential element of the other traditional visual arts; With the Analytical Drawing you not only learn to draw, but also; More importantly, you learn to see.

Children Academy

Oil Painting Academy for Children

The children's academy is not just a hobby or therapy, with the children's academy we are working seriously introducing children to the same techniques and discipline that is required of an adult, we teach them to see and execute an oil painting correctly. We are creating a seedbed of potential figurative artists

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From 16:00 to 19:00 hrs.


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From whole month of February

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