Forming Artists from 1991


Conclusiones generales:

For us, art as painting, drawing and sculpture, are: "a deep beauty", expression of a look beyond the ordinary and everyday look or rather ... more here; more inside the human being. That is able to discover harmony, wealth, infinity of subtleties and things invisible to the common gaze, that the artist with his sensitivity manages to expose in such a way that the viewer has no choice but to be surprised, impacted and moved in front of this new reality , that before was veiled for him, but that even when apparently hidden, if it exits in a more inconceivable plane, and that is why, when revealed by the artist, it resonates (vibrates) inside making it patent (visible) for the viewer.

This happens with any subject, or with no particular one, since the subject (motive) in art, is not art, the subject is only the pretext to be able to do it. The narrative of the theme, can exist and the more depth the better, but this is not the sustenance of the artistic work, it is a complement. Narrative, stories, ideas and concepts are not art, that is only writing, which travels directly to the intellect, but not to the main sustenance of art such as Painting, Drawing and Sculpture which is the world of sensory presceptions, which connect with an essential basal and deep emotionality, not with the simple intellect abused in expression in the last century.

Painting, Drawing and Sculpture are a means to create art, art through the world of vision, handmade, and reaching a level of masterful accomplishment, with which you can discover, unveil and express so special that you It moves, it excites, it generates reflections but above all it manages to make you feel identification and empathy with a substantial part of yourself that outside the art world is very difficult to contact. It is an invitation to be with yourself for a moment, since in the process it shows you and the world with multiple facets; beautiful, raw, attractive, shocking, moving and surprising.

In the most technical area of painting, it has to contain three pillars; Form (drawing), Value (light and shade) and Color, conjugated perfectly and submitted to the harmony and rhythm that determines the general composition of the work itself to the highest of the aesthetic values.

It has to have a theme and concept that expresses a deeper look than the common and ordinary look, for this this vision has to be revealed first to the artist, so that he making it his, try to express it to us through the artistic medium that dominates, making of it the engine of the work.

Painting has the faculty that allows it to: play and make the refracted light distinctly vibrate throughout the length and breadth of the work, working with the "materiality" of the painting itself, through the invoices it can achieve with: the brushstrokes, fillings and glazes. What no other visual medium created by man can achieve.

One must constantly be in search of perfection, since otherwise it falls into the mechanization of processes, it takes away from them and loses the depth it requires, because it becomes a mere automatic (unconscious) mechanical execution. It is the only way to stay in the pursuit of mastery, mastery of technique and maximum development of talents.

"In the declaration of principles, Real Art 1991 - Ricardo Ramírez".

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All our programs are taught by leading contemporary artists, who are in full force with active participation in global contemporary realism. All specialists in historical techniques of the great masters.

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The best of the history for the Art of Today

After twenty years of research and development of the historical Techniques of the oil painting of the great European Masters; We offer you the most complete and accurate workshop with the best of the pictorial tradition for the creation of today's art. Contemporary art of quality, unalterable and lasting, with a natural aesthetic that aspires to beauty and seeks to deepen the look


Drawing Workshop

The Analytical Drawing, to learn to see

The Drawing is not only an art in itself, it is one of the three pillars that sustain the painting, besides an essential element of the other traditional visual arts; With the Analytical Drawing you not only learn to draw, but also; More importantly, you learn to see.

Children Academy

Oil Painting Academy for Children

The children's academy is not just a hobby or therapy, with the children's academy we are working seriously introducing children to the same techniques and discipline that is required of an adult, we teach them to see and execute an oil painting correctly. We are creating a seedbed of potential figurative artists

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